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B M I Counter
Body Mass Index Calculator ********************************************************

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Metric unit calculation         English unit calculation

Metric unit calculation
( Body Mass Index = Weight / Height2 )
kg (公斤)
m (米)
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Imperial unit calculation
(Body Mass Index=Weight/Height2x703)
lb (磅)
in (吋)
B M I :
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What is BMI :
The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a statistical tool for comparing and analyzing height and weight. The ability to simply and directly reflect the relationship between body fatness and many health problems is a common method of calculating obesity.

Who is suitable for calculating BMI :
BMI values ​​are only available for people between the ages of 18 and 65.
Children, Developing Adolescents, Pregnant Women, Lactating Women, the Elderly and Strong Athletes are not suitable.

The Method of Calculating BMI :
Please select a Metric or Imperial unit. Type in your Height and Weight, then press "Calculate" and your BMI will be displayed.

Metric unit calculation :
BMI = Weight (kg) ÷ Height (m2)
[BMI = kilogram (kg) ÷ metrexmetre (m2)]

Imperial unit calculation :
BMI = Weight (lb) ÷ Height (in2) x 703
[BMI=pound(lb) ÷ inch x inch(in2) x 703]

[ 1 feet (呎) = 12 inches (吋) ]
[ For example : if you are 5 feet 8 in ,
  it is ( 5 x 12 in ) + 8 in = 68 in ]

BMI Numerical Review :
Asia Pacific Indicators
Less than 18.5 : Underweight
18.5 - 24.9   : Normal
25.0 - 29.9   : Overweight
          (Women are greater than 27.3,
           Men are greater than 27.8,
           Has been identified as Overweight
           or Obese. )
30.0 - 39.9   : Very Fat
          (It is recommended to lose weight.)
40.0 or above : Extremely Obese
          (Morbid Obesity, for health reasons,            recommended to find a professional
           to help with weight loss. )

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